David Gatti

Make it simpler

I started my career in IT as a SysAdmin. Learned how to code in PHP out of boredom, and made some simple internal tools to help me out while managing the company network.

Then I became a Blogger, and wrote about mobile technologies when the iPhone didn’t yet exist, and PDAs didn’t have cellular modems. I also wrote the CMS for the site itself, when WordPress was barely starting. Then I went working as a web developer for a company that did simple Facebook games.

After that, I ported a Windows Mobile app to Android 2.3. Then I became a Brand Manager for a mobile game company, Marketing Director for another one, and at that same company - I transitioned to Developer Relations Manager, and worked for two companies with this title. A job that I fell in love with.

I take every opportunity to share my knowledge. Here are a couple of my favorite examples:

I enjoy thinking through complex problems, and when I feel I've arrived at a meaningful conclusion or solution, I write it down.

Open Source Article: My passion is to take difficult problems, dissect them, break them down into small, manageable chunks, and resolve them.

I'm passionate about electronics, and I love the whole IoT idea.

I had fun as an Android developer, and made some very simple apps for the platform. To my surprise, the autoWiFi app I created was installed more than 100,000 times around the world and received numerous positive comments.